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Intimacy Coordination Useful Links

Below you will find some links to articles, protocols and other intimacy coordination companies and organisations around the world that we have a relationship with.  Please feel free to click through.  Global Intimacy Coordination protocols are always being re-assessed and revalued, and Safe Sets Intimacy Coordinators always work to maintain global best practice.  If you would like us to link to your company, please do reach out, and let us know more about you.

Intimacy Coordinators work best when they are part of a global community - ICs at Safe Sets are always looking to collaborate with the global IC community!

Intimacy Guidelines for Stage and Screen - New Zealand Equity - Jennifer Ward-Lealand Contribution

Nordic Intimacy Coordinators - Pia Rickman and Malin B. Erikson

Principal Intimacy - Canada - Intimacy Coordinators and training organisation based in Canada - Amanda Cutting, Megan Gilron, Phay Moores, Megan Wong and more!