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  • WATCH: New sex and nudity film protocols laid bare - > | Alberton Record | 17 June 2021 - Izak du Plessis asked intimacy coordinator Kate Lush to shed more light on the development
  • South Africa sets out to protect cast and crew involved in nudity and simulated sex scenes - > | The Conversation | 17 May 2021 - Performer and academic Fiona Ramsay asked Kate Lush, a co-creator of the new protocols, why they matter.
  • Intimacy Coordinator Vanessa Coffey on her life behind the scenes - > | The Herald | 8 May 2021 - What makes a good sex scene? Vanessa Coffey is the woman to ask.  Her Job as a TV, film and theatre intimacy coordinator means that she is often in the thick of the action.
  • Lecturer Vanessa Coffey: 'I would love intimacy coordinators to become standard practice' - > | The Stage | 6 April 2021 - The intimacy coordinator and lecturer at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland offers her advice to students and graduates and tells John Byrne what she would like to see changed in the theatre industry 
  • Lifting the covers on safe and authentic screen sex - > | Television Business International | 22 January 2021 - TBI deputy editor Mark Layton talks to intimacy coordinator Vanessa Coffey about the emerging industry role that helps actors establish personal boundaries and deliver more authentic performances during scenes of a sexual nature.
  • 'It was a misuse of power': how screen sex scenes have been forced to change - > | The Guardian | 29 December 2020 - Vanessa Coffey, an intimacy coordinator whose credits include I Hate Suzie and Fate: The Winx Saga, says an incident involving Knightley while filming the 2007 film Atonement demonstrates the change in attitude on set.
  • Job Description: Intimacy Coordinator - > | Drama Quarterly | 19 November 2020 - Intimacy Coordinator Vanessa Coffey discusses her role working on television series and how it has changed during the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • My new normal: Vanessa Coffey - > | Harpers Bazaar | 6 November 2020 - How the pandemic has made the role of an intimacy co-ordinator in the entertainment industry even more pivotal
  • Jessica Brown Findlay interview: 'The first female Bond? Go on then!' - > | The Telegraph | 26 September 2020 - On the set of Brave New World, she says, she would consult the intimacy co-ordinators "basically every single time there is something intimate - and that's not even just sex stuff". "You negotiate with them, you talk to them," she says. "You think, 'How do I feel today, in my body, right now?' When I was younger, I had no idea I could say no. And when I tried to sometimes in the past, it just didn't go down well - 'You're new, we can find someone else.' It was very manipulative. So, this was actually an amazing experience, considering the show. It was the safest and the most comfortable I've ever felt." (Kate Lush Intimacy Coordinated Brave New World Eps 4-8 while working for Intimacy on Set.)
  • COFFEY BREAK Scots co-ordinator Vanessa Coffey says marathon sex scene in I Hate Suzie is all part of the job > | The Scottish Sun | 22 September 2020 - 'Vanessa, who is one the highest-profile experts the new field developed in the wake of the #metoo movement, had no idea they were about to set a record with a 7min 4sec masturbation scene.

    She said: "The sex montage that Suzie has with all the different men - that was one I worked on and that was very interesting to choreograph and navigate.' (Vanessa Coffey intimacy coordinator on I Hate Suzie Eps 4 &  ) (Kate Lush Intimacy Coordinator on I Hate Suzie Ep 6)

  • Pre- & post-covid, womxn are vulnerable to sexual harassment on film and TV sets > | Safrea Chronicle | 20 September 2020

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  • Meet your fellow A-List Woman in Film, Sara Blecher (South Africa)| Ladmina Foundation | 17 August 2020

  • Brave New World's, Queen of Orgies, knows you have some questions > | Refinery 29 | 15 July 2020 | 'As John-Kamen looked back on the experience on set, it was clear she is still struck by the "gorgeous" scene. It's likely production was so positive because Brave New World hired an intimacy coordinator to educate the cast. A series like Brave, filled with dozens upon dozens of nude actors simulating sex, certainly benefits from such instruction. 

    "It was so great to be able to actually have communication and feel like you're having that wonderful acceptance from the other actor coming into your personal space," John-Kamen said of working with Brave's intimacy expert. This work helped John-Kamen prepare for her own sex scene in "Firefall," which pairs Helm and Ehrenreich's John. "It really does get rid of any awkwardness or embarrassment that you might be feeling," she added, explaining that intimacy coaching exercises helped talent rehearse exactly what would happen on the day of filming - "so there's no surprises."'.(Kate Lush Intimacy Coordinated Brave New World Eps 4-8 while working for Intimacy on Set.)
  • Budding actors get sex scenes coach... > | The Scottish Mail on Sunday | 19 April 2020

  • Brave New World Takes a Dark Turn in Episode 8 | TV Insider | 17 July 2020 | (Kate Lush Intimacy Coordinated Brave New World Eps 4-8 while working for Intimacy on Set.)

  • New World Order >  | Drama Quarterly | 8 July 2020  | 'The project also saw Wiener work with intimacy coordinators for the first time, with Ita O'Brien and Kate Lush overseeing choreography of the numerous sex and nude scenes that take place.  "There's a lot of sex in the book; it's very necessary to how New London society works," Wiener says. "I had never worked with an intimacy coordinator before. I didn't know if it was necessary or really what they do, but it made all the difference. Kate and Ita gave our actors such confidence, command and ownership of the experience of being vulnerable. You're exposed, and they just embraced it.  "The show is not graphic but there are a lot of bodies. Sex is a part of the show. But I had no idea how valuable they would be and how they made it a safe thing to talk about. They created an atmosphere of respect. It was really liberating for the actors, and certainly liberating for the filmmakers because we felt protected. Now, I couldn't ever imagine working without an intimacy coordinator. Everyone should."

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  • REVIEW: THE CENSOR by Anthony Neilson at The Hope Theatre until 13 July 2019 | London Pub Theatres | 30 June 2019 |  'Painful and explicit, the company must be congratulated in incorporating an Intimacy Supervisor & Coordinator into the rehearsal process and creative team. For Pub & Fringe Theatre, this is a positive step forward in an already difficult budget juggling corner of the industry. Round Peg have taken responsibility in utilising the skills of Kate Lush and Ita O'Brien.'

  • The Censor - A thought-provoking take on a provocative play | The Stage | 28 June 2019 | 'Director Imogen Beech focuses on exploring attitudes to sex rather than outright titillation, and intimacy coordinator Kate Lush ensures that physical contact is artfully handled. Occasionally, glimpses of incontinent rage hint at the dangers of ignoring pent-up desires.'

  • The Censor - Theatre Review > | Close up Culture | 28 June 2019 | 'Skilfully directed by Imogen Beech, and with both Ita O'Brien and Kate Lush justifying their inputs as intimacy supervisor and coordinator respectively, The Censor, a RoundPeg Theatre production, is well worth a peep. '18' rated - and worthy of four stars (out of five) from Close-up Culture'

  • The use of embodied imagination and empathy to bridge actor-character dissonance > | South African Theatre Journal - written by Èmil Harhoff | 19 January 2018