Dear Film Maker

Firstly, we're not Corona Virus experts,  We're intimacy coordinators.  We negotiate agreement and consent of touch, and choreograph intimate scenes for television, film and theatre, but right now, we're trying to understand not only what intimacy in film and television will look like over the next year or two, but also how the whole industry is going to look.

The landscape is in constant flux, with ever changing epicentres of the Corona Virus, but globally, we all need to get back to work; whether we work in television or film, (live theatre looks sadly some way off yet) we however need to get back on set.

But how do we do this safely? Of course, we can modify the content that we produce, can make productions smaller, have fewer people involved, film outside in remote locations and keep the cast and crew isolated, and yes, these are ways, but what if we want to carry on making the tv shows or films we were already working on, or had in the pipeline?

The work of an intimacy coordinator has agreement and consent at its heart, and in the post SARS-Cov2 environment has this never been truer. There will be risk, and we need to be transparent about that risk. We need to be open to ask tough questions and if we feel something is not safe for us, we should have the right to say no, without the risk of reprisals. Most importantly, and perhaps controversially, we strongly feel that how we gain consent from those involved to participate in the work they have to do, that the producers accept the risk, and don't force the actors and to sign documents that relieve them of all responsibilities.

Already some productions have gone back to filming, the Nordic regions first, but now with a global uptake, all using a variety of approaches.  We've gone through all the information we can find and we've created a handy list so whether you're a producer, a director, an actor, wardrobe, makeup or anyone working in the film and tv industry - we hope that you'll find this list useful.  (We've also added some links to other lists and guidelines). 

Good luck all - and we hope to see you on set soon!

Sara and Kate - SafeSets