Tamryn Speirs

Tamryn is a professional actor, director, drama teacher, movement and acting coach. She has worked in her field for the last 25 years. Tamryn has written and directed films for the screen and directed theatre productions in Cape Town, Grahamstown and Johannesburg to acclaim. Tamryn received awards and nominations for her acting roles in past productions and films.Her most recent film and tv acting credits are Disney's Darby Harper Wants To Know and BBC's Lost Gold.

Tamryn has worked in her own capacity as an on/off set acting coach for adult and child actors over the years in various productions for Film / Series.

Her introduction into the word of CIS was born out of her close collaboration with Intimacy Coordinator Dr. Èmil Haarhoff (SAGAftra) while working on and off set as the child acting coach to 10 year old lead Lamiyah Barnard, in Meg Rickard's film Snake.

For many years, Tamryn was part of the Sugar Daddy Production Company, it raised awareness for the rights of women and children, and awarded its profits to organisations like StreetSmart SA, Rape Crisis and others. Tamryn has also held a post as a freelance studio casting director for Kayos Casting and the Casting Co. Tamryn works as the in-house acting coach for ICE Models ( artistes and models ) in TVC and on camera training. She runs her own private studio from her home studio in Bantry Bay where she helps professional actors prepare for their roles and auditions. Tamryn meets with a group of writers to develop a series born out of one of her short films, and is in pre-production for a short film she has written.

Tamryn has held drama teacher posts at various private schools in the city. She worked at Bishops Diocesan College for 10 years, until she resigned in 2019. During that time she has produced, directed and choreographed many Musical productions with casts as big as 200 young actors. Today, Tamryn continues to hold her post at ACT Cape Town, as a senior acting coach. She continues to develop her craft and teaching skills with her studies and in ongoing practical industry experience. Tamryn continues to dance and attends ballet and contemporary classes weekly.

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2024 - In Production/Post Production

Child Intimacy Specialist - WHEEL OF TIME SEASON 3 - Amazon Prime - Dir: 

Child Intimacy Specialist - WYFIE - Homebrew Films/Showmax - Dir: 

Child Intimacy Specialist - SNAKE - Boondogle Films and Known Associates Entertainment (KAE) - Dir: Meg Rikards