Our Coordinators

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Sara Blecher

South Africa - Gauteng/Western Cape

Sara Blecher is an Intimacy Coordinator based in Johannesburg, and can work in the USA

Kate Lush

UK and South Africa

Kate Lush is an Intimacy Coordinator based in the UK, who is also able to work in South Africa

Dr. Èmil Haarhoff

South Africa - Gauteng/Western Cape

Dr. Èmil Haarhoff is an Intimacy Coordinator who works between Gauteng and the Western Cape

Samantha Murray


Samantha Murray is an Intimacy Coordinator based in Spain, she is able to work across Europe, the UK and Australia.

Keneilwe Matidze

South Africa - Jo'burg

Keneilwe Matidze is an Intimacy Coordinator based in Johannesburg.

Vanessa Coffey

UK/EU Australia

Vanessa Coffey is an Intimacy Coordinator based in Scotland - she is able to work in the UK, EU and Australia 

Sondos Shabayek


Sondos Shabayek is an Intimacy Coordinator based between Germany and Egypt - she is able to work in Europe and the Middle East

Loren Loubser

South Africa - Cape Town

Loren Loubser is an Intimacy Coordinator based in South Africa

Thembela Madliki

South Africa - Eastern Cape/Cape Town

Thembela Madliki is an Intimacy Coordinator based in South Africa

Mpolokeng Chabane

South Africa - Gauteng

Mpolokeng Chabane is an Intimacy Coordinator based in South Africa

Luisa Lazzaro


Luisa Lazzaro is an Intimacy Coordinator based in Italy.  She is able to work across Europe and in the UK

Maude Sandham

South Africa - Gauteng

Maude Sandham is an Intimacy Coordinator based in South Africa

Intimacy Coordination is a new field and as such all practitioners are constantly gaining additional skills and undertaking on-going training, re-evaluating processes and protocols and doing all possible to broaden their knowledge base and provide best practice when on set, As a team we use each experience as an opportunity to learn and grow, and we will ask for your feedback to assist us with this every time we work with you.

In addition to core intimacy skills training our intimacy team have additional skills, including: Conflict Resolution, Covid Health and Safety, Covid Contact Tracing, Managing Covid Risk on Production, Sexual Harassment Awareness and Bi-stander Intervention, Mental Health Awareness, Mental Health First Aid, Bullying and Harassment for Employees, Unconscious Bias for Employees, Safeguarding Children (Level 2), Consent, Equality and Diversity, LGBTQIA+ Awareness, Creative Industries Safety Passport

Protocols documents the team are involved in developing, or have been included in are currently include: Directing Nudity and Simulated Sex - Directors UK, The SA Guide to working with Intimacy on Film and Television, Closed Set Protocols (with the Intimacy Practitioners' Guild - UK), BECTU Guide to working with intimacy coordinators, Netflix US internal documents working with an IC and Working with Minors on Set - More news to follow!!

In addition some of our coordinators are also already on the SAG-AFTRA registry for intimacy coordinators, with more to follow!

More Testimonials

"It was my first time doing intimate work professionally and I'm really glad with the way the day went. I felt very safe and comfortable which helped me to put a clear barrier between myself and the work I had to do. I just want to say how sincerely thankful I am to you, Sam and the rest of the production team. You took such care of me and prioritised my safety which brought me so much comfort. I think taking time to rehearse before hand helped in easing me a lot more, so it was easy to release all of that at the end of the day." -

Karabo Magooa


"Sam - I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the support you provided me with on the day when I decided the situation was not quite right for me. I felt so comfortable telling you how I felt and I really appreciated how you removed me subtly from the situation without making me feel embarrassed or unprofessional. I can't tell you how grateful I am for for you being there with me. I felt supported every step of the way and to be completely honest I'm not sure what I would have done without you."


Kate! I was about to message you to say thank you so much for yesterday. You were completely brilliant. I've had a few strange experiences with intimacy coordinators where I've ended up carrying shame I didn't have before so I am so grateful to you for meeting me where I felt comfortable and working within that. I think we created something really powerful, with two actors who had never met, and also mad that it was my scene partner's first scene and first day. The way you facilitated us to work made us both feel so comfortable and trusting of each other and I know that's going to set us both up so well for the rest of the shoot, as well for that scene. So THANK YOU.