Kate Lush

Kate moved to South Africa from the UK where she was working as an intimacy coordinator and teacher for 'Intimacy on Set' (Sex Education, Normal People, I May Destroy You etc.) in TV/Film and in theatre. 

Since arriving in South Africa, Kate has worked as an Intimacy Coordinator for Film Afrika, Moonlighting, Advantage Films, Picture Tree and more.  She has also run workshops at AFDA and LAMTA and hosted online sessions for SAGA, Wesgro and the IPO.  She also co-founded IPSA and was instrumental in the creation of the Protocols for Working with Intimate Content in Film, TV and Associated Media - South Africa

While with IOS in the UK she worked for NBC/Amblin/Peacock Channel & Sky Atlantic, and various theatre companies, presented the IOS guidelines in the UK, Europe and SA @ DIFF, and has assisted running workshops and presenting the work to industry, such as HBO/BBC/HULU as well as for various theatre companies and drama schools in Europe. 

In addition to intimacy coordination, Kate is an award nominated actor and movement teacher having gained a 1st Class Degree in Performing Arts from the University of Hertfordshire and an MA in Acting from Manchester Metropolitan University having trained in Poland with Teatr Pieśń Kozła (Song of the Goat). 

Organisations and Affiliations

Kate is one of the founding members of the Intimacy Practitioners' Guild EU/UK

Kate is one of the founding members of, Intimacy Practitioners South Africa, who have been instrumental in creating the Protocols for Intimate Content in TV, Film and Associated Media - South Africa

Kate currently acts as intimacy Coordinator Membership Rep as a job share, with the UK Intimacy Coordinator, Elle McAlpine, for the Bectu Union (UK) Intimacy Branch.