Kate Lush

Kate Lush is an intimacy coordinator and movement coach from the UK, who has been living and working in South Africa since the beginning of 2020.  Kate works as an intimacy coordinator for film and tv, and also has experience intimacy directing for stage.

Since arriving in South Africa, Kate has worked as an Intimacy Coordinator for Film Afrika, Infinity Films, Moonlighting, Advantage Films, Picture Tree, Nagvlug and more.  She also runs workshops at AFDA and LAMTA and hosted online sessions for SAGA, Wesgro and the IPO.  She also co-founded IPSA and was instrumental in the creation of the Protocols for Working with Intimate Content in Film, TV and Associated Media - South Africa.  Most recently Kate, with the Safe Sets team, designed and facilitated an education programe for Netflix EMEA region - training a cohort of Intimacy Coordinators in Europe, India and Brazil.

Prior to arriving in South Africa, she worked on shows for NBC/Amblin/Peacock Channel & Sky Atlantic, and various theatre companies, presented intimacy guidelines in the UK, Europe and SA @ DIFF, and has assisted running workshops and presenting the work to industry, such as HBO/BBC/HULU as well as for various theatre companies and drama schools in Europe for the company she was working for at the time, Intimacy on Set.

In addition to intimacy coordination, Kate is an award nominated actor and movement teacher, has a 1st Class Degree in Performing Arts from the University of Hertfordshire and an MA in Acting from Manchester Metropolitan University having trained in Poland with Teatr Pieśń Kozła (Song of the Goat). 

Organisations and Affiliations

Kate Lush is one of the founding members of the Intimacy Practitioners' Guild EU/UK

Kate Lush is one of the founding members of, Intimacy Practitioners South Africa, who have been instrumental in creating the Protocols for Intimate Content in TV, Film and Associated Media - South Africa

Kate Lush currently acts as intimacy Coordinator Membership Rep as a job share, with the UK Intimacy Coordinator, Elle McAlpine, for the Bectu Union (UK) Intimacy Branch.

Kate Lush's CV



Movement Coach - DARBY HARPER WANTS TO KNOW YOU Hulu, Disney, Blue Ice, Dir: Silas Howard 

Intimacy Coordinator - THE WOMAN KING Sony Pictures Entertainment, Dir: Gina Prince-Bythewood Feature Film


Intimacy Coordinator - THE POWER Sister Productions, (South Africa) EPs 5: Lisa Gunning, Eps 7&8: Ugla Hauksdottir, Eps 10: Neasa Hardiman Amazon Prime TV Series

Intimacy Coordinator - DINGE VAN N' KIND Intimacy Coordinator Nagvlug Films, Dir: Zandré Coetzer, Quentin Krog & Tinarie van Wyk Loots - KykNET Television

Intimacy Coordinator - TROUKOORS Infinity Films, Dir: Nina Swart - Showmax Television

Intimacy Coordinator - RAISED BY WOLVES Film Afrika/HBO Max/Scott Free, BLK 1-Director: Ernest Dickerson, BLK 2-Director: Sunu Gonera, BLK 3 - Director: Alex Gabassi, BLK 4 - Director: Lukas Ettlin - Television

Intimacy Coordinator - KATVIS Exploded View, Director: Michael Minnie & Anton Scholtz KykNET Televsion

Intimacy Coordinator - ATLANTIS Moonlighting Films, Director: Meg Rickards - eVod 


Intimacy Coordinator - THE DAY THE WORLD SWALLOWED ME Vanishing Elephant Director: Petrus van Staden, Short Film

Intimacy Coordinator - THE POWER Sister Productions, (South Africa) (Ep. 1) Director: Reed Morano Amazon Prime Series

Intimacy Consultant - THE DAY WE DIDN'T MEET Nagvlug Films, Director: Johan Cronje Showmax Television Film

Intimacy Consultant - THE DAM Picture Tree/Showmax/Multichoice  Director: Alex Yazbek

Intimacy Coordinator - REDEEMING LOVE Advantage Entertainment/Mission Pictures Int, Director: D. J. Caruso, Feature Film


Intimacy Coordinator - I HATE SUZIE Bad Wolf/Sky Vision (Ep. 6 & 8) (for Intimacy On Set) Director: Georgi Banks Davies SKY Television

Intimacy Coordinator - BRAVE NEW WORLD Amblin, Universal/USA Network (Peacock), Director: Craig Zisk (Ep 4), Aoife McArdle, (Ep5&6), Andrij Parekh (Ep 7&8) (for IOS) Peacock Channel

Intimacy Director - BAD SEX (R&D) Intimacy Director Rough Haired Pointer Director: Mary Franklin (for IOS) Theatre

Rehearsal/Workshop Assistant Intimacy Coordinator - I MAY DESTROY YOU HBO/BBC (for IOS) Director: Sam Miller & Michaela Coel

Intimacy Director - THE CENSOR Round Peg Theatre/The Hope Theatre Dir: Imogen Beech (for IOS)

Assistant Intimacy Coordinator - BRAVE NEW WORLD Amblin, Universal/USA Network (Peacock), Director: Owen Harris (Ep 1&2) (for IOS)



Movement Coach - RAISED BY WOLVES B/G Film Afrika/HBO Max/Scott Free, BLK 4 - Director: Lukas Ettlin

Movement Coach - BRAVE NEW WORLD Amblin, Universal/USANetwork, Director: Aoife McArdle (BLK 3)

Movement/Intimacy Director - DO YOU LOVE THIS PLANET Tristan Bates Theatre, Dir: Anthony Law

Additional Movement Dir - THE TEMPEST The Cockpit Theatre (TBTTC), Dir: Mark Akrill

Movement Direction - ANIMAL FARM Animal The Olde Rose and Crown (TBTTC), Dir: Robert Nicholls

Movement Collaborator - BLUE STOCKINGS The Cockpit (TBTTC), Dir: Clemmie Reynolds

Other Movement Direction and Intimacy Direction for The Bridge Theatre Training Company 2014-18: Midsummer Night's Dream • A Grimm Tale • The Musicians • Grandfathers • Road