Luisa Lazzaro

Luisa Lazzaro is the first Italian Intimacy Coordinator to be trained, certified and working in Italy.  Luisa is a very experienced IC in Italy, having worked on numerous productions since 2021.  

Luisa joined the Safe Sets intimacy coordination team in 2023 and she's based in Italy.  Luisa is able to work as an Intimacy Coordinator across Europe and in the United Kingdom.

As an experienced Intimacy Coordinator in Italy, Luisa Lazzaro is part of the Safe Sets training team, educating the next wave of Intimacy Coordinators in Italy, with Anica Academy and Safe Sets.  Luisa hopes to contribute to the effective learning of the Italian cohort as a result of her specific knowledge gained while working as an IC on Italian produced shows, and International Productions filming in the region. 

Luisa is an Anglo-Italian Intimacy Coordinator, artist and movement professional. Luisa completed an IC Netflix funded training with Safe Sets in 2021 and relocated to Italy to work as a certified IC on local productions and international collaborations.

Luisa has recently joined Safe Sets as a junior trainer for one of the first Intimacy coordination courses launched in Italy by Anica Academy (Fondazione Anica Academy del Cinema, dell'Audiovisivo e del Digitale)

Following a career in performance she began experimenting with film in 2009 and pursued this interest obtaining a MA in Screen Dance from The Place in London. She collaborates as a filmmaker, choreographer, editor and writer in the field of Screendance. She is also a member of the board of the International Journal of Screendance.

Luisa Lazzaro's CV


2024 - In Production/Post Production

Intimacy Coordinator - MDF - Netflix/The Apartment - Dir:Stefano Sollima

Intimacy Coordinator - BLOCCO 181 (S2) - Sky Studios/Tapeless Film/Red Joint Film - Dir: Ciro Visco

Intimacy Coordinator - THE BAD GUY (S2) - Prime Video/Indigo Dir: Giancarlo Fontana e Giuseppe G. Stasi Eps 2&6

Intimacy Coordinator - PARTHENOPE - The Apartment - Dir: Paolo Sorrentino

Intimacy Coordinator - QUEER - The Apartment/Frenesy Film - Dir: Luca Guadagnino

Intimacy Coordinator - UNTITLED GM PROJECT - Wildside - Dir: Gabriele Mainetti

Intimacy Coordinator - IO SONO IN UN MONDO A PARTE - Wildside - Dir. Riccardo Milani 306, 307,

Intimacy Coordinator - GIGOLO' PER CASO - Amazon Studios/Lucky Red - Dir: Eros Puglielli

Intimacy Coordinator - M, IL FIGLIO DEL SECOLO - Sky Studios/The Apartment - Dir: Joe Wright , Ep 1, 2, 7


Intimacy Coordinator - UN'ESTATE FA - Sky Studios/Fabula Pictures - Dir:Davide Marengo

Intimacy Coordinator - NUOVO OLIMPO - Netflix/R&C Produzioni - Dir: Ferzan Ozpetek

Intimacy Coordinator -  SUPERSEX - Netflix/Gröenlandia/The Apartment - Dir: Matteo Rovere, Francesca Mazzoleni, Francesco Carrozzini, Ep 1-7

Intimacy Coordinator - FERRARI - Forward Pass/Iervolino & Lady Bacardi - Dir: Michael Mann

Intimacy Coordinator - BRIGANTI - Netflix/Fabula Pictures - Dir: Antonio De La Fosse, Ep 2