Samantha Murray

"Sam was exceptionally attentive and receptive to all that was said and unsaid. She was compassionate, insightful and creative in her responses to any concerns or queries I'd had. I appreciated her clarity and the deliberate carving out of time to address these issues."

Samantha Murray is an Intimacy Coordinator, under the mentorship of Kate Lush, and joined Safe Sets in 2021. She is based in Spain, working across the EU, UK and AUSTRALIA.

From 2019-2020 Sam trained with Ita O'Brien, founder of Intimacy On Set (IOS), in the UK. She has a BA (Hons) in Theatre from The University of Surrey (GSA) and Qualified Teacher Status. She is a member of the MEAA (Equity) and ISTA.

Alongside her IC practitioner focus, Sam's experience spans a 25 year career as a professional stage and screen actor in Australia, as well as working with hundreds of young actors as an Educator and Director, internationally. Her attention to detail, script analysis skills and expansive knowledge of embodied approaches to performance,  contribute a practical and creative foundation to exploring secure intimate storytelling with Actors and Directors

"It was also really nice to have someone holding boundaries on set on our behalf and creating a space of calm and clarity amidst the chaos of the shoot. She had an intuitive understanding of when to step in and when to let the process take place organically. Always knowing she was on the side lines for support if we needed anything was a big relief."