Samantha Murray

"It was also really nice to have someone holding boundaries on set on our behalf and creating a space of calm and clarity amidst the chaos of the shoot. She had an intuitive understanding of when to step in and when to let the process take place organically. Always knowing she was on the side lines for support if we needed anything was a big relief."

"Sam was exceptionally attentive and receptive to all that was said and unsaid. She was compassionate, insightful and creative in her responses to any concerns or queries I'd had. I appreciated her clarity and the deliberate carving out of time to address these issues."

Samantha Murray is an Intimacy Coordinator based in Madrid, Spain and works across the EU, UK and AUSTRALIA. Samantha Murray has met the minimum requirements for SAG-AFTRA Registry list.  

She is a member of BECTU (UK) and part of the IC Branch working committee for training (2022-23).

Sam's practice framework includes expert levels of IC production support and consent choreography for film, television and theatre. She is committed to smoothing the way for dynamic and safeguarded spaces on set, onstage and in schools. By establishing pathways for transparent communication, creative consent and outstanding intimate storytelling, Sam provides essential keys to unlock and generate free and authentic performer engagement and crew support.

Sam is certified with Safe Sets to trainer level since October 2022, following an 18 month mentorship under Kate Lush to consolidate her level 1 & 2-3 training (2019-2020) under Ita O'Brien, Intimacy on Set (IOS)

Alongside her IC practitioner focus, Sam's experience spans a 25+ year career as a professional stage and screen actor in Australia, as well as working with hundreds of young actors as a qualified educator and director internationally. She is co-designer for curriculum and pedagogical lead with the Netflix/Safe Sets partnership to deliver excellence in IC skills development across the EMEA region and extending to include Brazil, India, the Nordic regions, South Africa and the Middle East

"I have produced movies with intimacy coordinators in the past and I can safely say that Sam is my only choice for the future". Producer T-Street Films, Leopold Hughes

Samantha's CV


2023 - In Production/Post Production

Intimacy Coordinator - THE GRAY HOUSE - Castel Films - Dir: Roland Joffé Ep 3

Intimacy Coordinator - THE SERIAL KILLER'S WIFE - Clapperboard Studios, Blackbox Media - Dir: Laura Way Eps 1-6

Intimacy Coordinator - KILLER HEAT - Amazon Studios - Dir: Phillipe LaCôte

Intimacy Coordinator - RETURN TO SILENT HILL (2024) - Wallace Lotus Ltd. - Dir: Christopher Gans

Lead Intimacy Coordinator - DISCLAIMER - Apple TV+, Esperanto Filmoj, Anonymous Content - Dir: Alfonso Cuarón Eps. 1-7

Intimacy Coordinator - THE END WE START FROM - SunnyMarch, Hera Pictures, BBC Film - Dir: Mahalia Belo

Intimacy Coordinator - THE GOLD (S1)  - BBC, Tannadice, Secouya Studios - Dir: Aneil Karia - Ep. 4

Intimacy Coordinator - THE DIPLOMATIC (S1)  - World Pictures, Fresco Film - Dir: Jill Robertson -Eps. 1, 3, & 6 

Intimacy Coordinator - FAIR PLAY - MRC/T-Street Films - Dir: Chloe Dolmont


Intimacy Coordinator - CITADEL (S1)  - Amalgamated Films/Amazon Studios - Jessica Yu Ep. 5

Intimacy Coordinator - THE MOTHER - Big Sur Films/Nuyorican/Netflix - Dir: Niki Caro

Intimacy Coordinator - DISCLAIMER - Apple TV+, Esperanto Filmoj, Anonymous Content - Dir: Alfonso Cuarón

Intimacy Coordinator - THAT DIRTY BLACK BAG (S1)  - Palomar Pictures/Fresco Film - Dir: Mauro Aragoni Ep. 3

Intimacy Coordinator - HELLRAISER (2022) - HULU/Spyglass - Dir: David Bruckner


Intimacy Director - PUNK ROCK WORKSHOPSTAI-3rd Year Students - Dir: Julián Fuentes Reta