Troukoors live on Showmax from December 13th 2021! Intimacy Coordinator Kate Lush from Safe Sets with a wonderful team, including Èmil Haarhoff and Cape Town colleagues Natalie Fisher and Jacki Job, had the opportunity to intimacy coordinate on the new Showmax original, Troukoors.  The show was produced by Louis Pretorius and Albert Snyman of Infinity Films, and directed by the superbly talented Nina Swart, and has been a total joy for the whole team to work on.

We started on the project in August 2021 and have been dropping on to set to support the actors and the production with the intimate story telling, creating a safe space for the actors to tell each of their characters stories as the season evolved. 

We wish all of the team huge success from this project, and look forward to the opportunity of working with Infinity Films again in the future... opening people's hearts and minds to the different and unique ways each of us love, are loved, and experience love.