Safe Sets Partner with Netflix to Train Intimacy Coordinators


In 2021 Safe Sets teamed up with Netflix EMEA to train Intimacy Coordinators to be able to work on sets in Europe and beyond. After many months of conversations and planning, the Safe Sets team and Eugenio Villamizar from Netflix, worked together to create a training opportunity for Intimacy Coordinators who were either already working in Europe, but who hadn't yet had the opportunity to formally train, or people keen to learn how to intimacy coordinate, but who didn't have access to the courses being offered in the UK, US and Canada.

Netflix - Safe Sets - Intimacy Coordination

Netflix sourced suitable candidates, who were rigorously interviewed by both the Netflix teams local to the candidates and the Safe Sets team.  A cohort of 13 was chosen for the first round.

The course kicked off online, then proceeded to in person training that was held in Madrid (two of the Safe Sets team hopping on a plane from South Africa, joining our team member in Spain, to be in the room with the trainees and deliver the training), and then the whole group has now embarked on a mentoring journey that will last a year.

Eugenio - Netflix with Kate, Èmil & Sam - Team Safe Sets - Exploring Consent

What happens next?

It has been a wonderful opportunity for Safe Sets to develop a training program, and we're so excited to see how Intimacy Coordination will develop across Europe in countries who, to date, haven't had Intimacy Coordinators operating locally.  

In addition, we hope that the new cohort will link up with, and build relationships with, the Coordinators who have been paving the way in some European countries since 2019, such as Germany, Sweden, Finland and to name a few, sharing best practice and providing local community support.

The more Intimacy Coordinators there are, the more we can demand that they're present on every set during the filming of every intimate scene!

Exciting times indeed for us.  A wonderful challenge, a wonderful opportunity, and some wonderful Intimacy Coordinators joining the industry!