Intimacy Coordination, Consultation and Education

Safe Sets is a South African company offering local intimacy coordinators for film, television and theatre.  

We also have coordinators in the UK and Spain, and collaborators across Europe, America, Brazil, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Intimacy Coordination

We provide Intimacy Coordinators for Film, Television and Theatre in South Africa for both local and international producers.  In addition we now have a UK branch and are able to offer coordinators throughout the UK and Europe.  We work following both local and international protocols keeping your Sets Safe!  We also work with global partners so can coordinate between practitioners based here in South Africa, with UK, EU, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


In addition we provide consultancy services on a project by project basis, whether you're an experienced film maker, established production company or young actor looking at how to navigate scenes with intimate content - we're happy to discuss your needs.

Consultancy on Intimacy and Social Distancing

Come to us if you're stuck for ideas.  How can you tell the same intimate stories while exercising social distancing?  We can take a look at scripts, have online brain storming sessions, or whatever will help you keep your scenes full of intimacy - without touching!  (We even now have some work arounds, if you're desperate for that scene with a kiss!)


We also offer education packages and workshops on working with intimate content to both academic institutions, production companies and film and tv professionals alike, 

Best Practice

We keep up to date with and work with international best practice as well as following local guidelines, with regard to working with intimate content. 

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We can help you to navigate and plan for intimate scenes from pre production to post production when creating film, tv and theatre in the post #metoo #timesup era - keeping Sets Safe while working with respect and consent.

Kate Lush & Sara Blecher

Kate Lush and Sara Blecher met at the Durban International Film Festival in 2019, while Kate was working as an Intimacy Coordinator in the UK.  Sara then came to the UK and trained to be an Intimacy Coordinator during that year.

By a strange coincidence, Kate was planning to relocate to South Africa in the January of 2020, so while Sara was in the UK training, they started to hatch a plan to create the company that is now Safe Sets.

 Since arriving in SA, Safe Sets has launched, has taken on additional Intimacy Coordinators, founded the not for profit IPSA (Intimacy Practitioners South Africa) and, with the rest of the South African film industry have launched the South African Protocols for Working with Intimate Content in TV, Film and Associated Media.

Over the next 12 months Kate, Sara and the Safe Sets team in association with IPSA and the IPG will start to train the first cohort of South African Intimacy Coordinators - we are very excited!


"Kate Lush was the first Intimacy Coordinator I worked with and she became the gold standard for me. We were on the series Brave New World, which features several scenes of intimacy, many with very large groups of people. Kate's calm, straight-forward manner and communication made our cast feel safe and confident. Directors relied on her knowledge of the physicality of human inter-action, and both directors and cast relied on her frankness and practical tips on how to make something look real. She was integral to the successful portrayal of "New London" a place where "everyone belongs to everyone else".

Kim Todd

Executive Producer - 

Brave New World

"Kate Lush is astonishingly good at her job. I worked with her on an R&D and both myself and the cast learnt so much. I can truly say that the 4 days I spent working with Kate have changed my process forever. She is intuitive, great with actors, and really brilliant at understanding what a director is after. She makes everyone feel incredibly safe and relaxed. I wholeheartedly recommend her. She is a wonderful practitioner. 

Mary Franklin

Artistic Director

Rough Haired Pointer Theatre Company

""I was very nervous going into this film. I had shot sex scenes before but never of this nature, never this explicit, never this intense and never so integral to the narrative of the film. My number one concern was for my actors because both had never done sex scenes before and I just wanted them to feel safe enough to express their creativity and their characters effectively. And so I knew that I would need to get help and that help came in the form of the incredible Èmil Haarhoff. From our very first telephonic conversation I instantly relaxed into the recognition of his clear knowledge and I just knew that he was the right man for the job. From there on we had a wonderful, positive and fun time of co-creating together in the most magnificent manner. I would recommend Èmil a million times over. I've said this repeatedly to him, but I'll say it again, I would never have been able to pull off those scenes without his guidance and expertise. And to add to his unwavering professionalism he's also just a fantastic human being with the most amazing energy, that just radiates. I know that both my actors adored working with him and so did I. I cannot wait to co-create and play safely with him again.

Carmen Sangion

Director - Blurred Lines

"Having Kate Lush as Intimacy Director on The Censor was an amazing experience. I was keen that the sexual content in the play was handled sensitively and that the actors felt safe. Having now experienced working with Kate, I'd never try to direct another intimate scene without an intimacy director! Kate was such a great presence in the room and she's incredibly skilled at what she does. Not only did she make everyone feel really comfortable handling difficult content, but she was also incredibly creative with how she approached scenes, resulting in some of my favourite moments in the piece! She was a joy to work with, a real support throughout the rehearsal process and someone I'd love to work with again.

Imogen Beech

Director - The Censor 

"Far from being the fun-police, Emil elevated the execution of the intimate scenes I was directing and presented me with a toolkit of language and techniques that I personally didn't have. His calm presence and 'how can we play' approach meant that he made us all feel safe while also feeling that the vision of the film was being serviced in the best way possible. Brett Michael Innes"

Brett Michael Innes

Director - Daryn's Gym


"Hello Sara. Team is so blown away by your session! So sad we could not be there. Thanks a ton and well done. Clive. ."

Clive Morris

CEO Clive Morris Productions

""Sara, thank you sooo much for the work you did on set! Crew and cast have been raving! So glad."

Khayelihle Gumede

Chief Creative Officer CMP

Whatever the budget or whatever your project....